Welcome to Smart Works

Welcome to Smart Works.  We provide high quality interview clothes, styling advice and interview training to out-of-work women on low incomes. Smart Works helps them to feel confident, look fabulous, succeed at their job interview and move on with their life.  

This year we will dress more than 1,200 women in a complete outfit of stylish, high quality clothes donated by retailers and professionals.  A visit to Smart Works can change the course of a woman's life.

The new Smart Works DVD is now available to view on this page.  Listen to the moving stories of some of our amazing clients as told to White Boat TV. 

Latest News

  • Launching our #uniquebecause campaign

    The majority of our clients come to us lacking confidence and self esteem. Often they have spent so long out of work that they don’t know what to wear or what will make them feel confident. Many of our clients feel that they don’t really have value to bring to a job, and aren’t able to express why they should succeed in a job interview.
    Our ‘#uniquebecause’ campaign aims to help these clients realise that they are valuable to themselves and to their potential employer. We want to celebrate the different skills and attributes every individual has, and create a positive focus on the individual in order to increase their self esteem and sense of self worth.

    Get involved – tell us why you or your business/team are unique. Take a photo, make a sign, or just use our #uniquebecause hashtag on Facebook and Twitter (@SmartWorksHQ). We want to know what makes you unique, and help our clients realise that what makes them different is a positive thing, and that they should celebrate their differences and, in turn, feel confident about themselves.

  • Referral Partner Open Morning

    We had a fantastic turn out for our Referral Partner Open Morning. Over 20 people attended and we had talks from our dressing & interview volunteers about the impact our service can have on women attending interviews. 

    Thank you to everyone that attended.

    We very much look forward to the next one in our West London office, dates to be announced

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